How much is too much for a neighborhood electric vehicle? If you're talking about a somewhat unknown NEV that looks like a smart fortwo, can go about 60 miles per charge at a speed of 28 mph and are currently located in Alberta, Canada, $4,500 is too much. That's the lesson we take away from an eBay auction that ends tomorrow and has, well, zero bids. Zilch. The cars are being sold as a lot for $13,500, and we understand why there is little interest. These are unlicensed, slow-charge lead-acid battery vehicles that don't have warranties. Would you pay for that?
Still, for a dealer who knows how to legally acquire and then sell NEVs, this three-for-one deal could be a good way to get some inventory on the lot. If you've got a mechanic with the ability to add in some li-ion packs, consider these some cheap glider bodies. Plus, they've got CD players. Thanks to Joshua A. for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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