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Ford is feeling pretty good about its products right now, and the Blue Oval is spreading the word by doubling down with a multitude of new ads for print, web and TV. Ford's newest ads feature real Ford owners talking about features they like in their new vehicles. The 15-second spots highlight the company's new technologies featured in much of its 2009 and 2010 lineup including SYNC, Travel Link and even the second row refrigerator in the Ford Flex.

Hit the jump to watch Paul, Becky, Hayley, Kristen, Jonathon, Amie and Adam talk about their favorite new features. We're thinking it's a little annoying that everyone in the commercial is under 30 and Ford found it necessary to use the lame shaky camera bit to give the quick ads that viral YouTube look, but that seems to be all the rage these days. On the bright side, Becky loves her Fusion Hybrid so much that she can't help but mumble at the end.

[Source: YouTube]

One More Reason: Becky's Fusion Hybrid

One More Reason: Paul's Capless Fuel Filler

One More Reason: Kristen's Ambient Lighting

One More Reason: Kristen's Vehicle Health Report

One More Reason: Hayley's Fuel Prices

One More Reason: Jonathan's Rocking With SYNC

One More Reason: Amie & Adam's Refrigerated Console

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