GM CEO Fritz Henderson: Camaro convertible coming Q1 of 2011, no Camaro sedan

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

General Motors just wrapped up one of its semi-regular Q&A sessions with CEO Fritz Henderson on its FastLane blog, and while nothing earth-shattering has been divulged, here's a few things that might be of interest:
  • On the topic of Cadillac's recent television and print advertising, and the subsequent dropping of Modernista as Caddy's primary advertising agency (Automotive News – Sub. Req.), Henderson says, "I think we can do better."
  • When asked if GM would be producing a credible alternative to the BMW M3 or possibly a Camaro sedan (thought we already had that with the G8, but, whatever), Henderson responded, "[We] do not see a [four door] Camaro in our future. We will continue to look for performance opportunities across our lineup, including in sedans."
  • As for the future of the drop-top Camaro, one participant asked, "Been patiently waiting for Camaro Convertible. Best guesses are 2012 model in 1st quarter of 2011. With surging popularity of this model is there any chance of GM considering a push for earlier release?" To which Henderson replies, "Good guess and no."
  • Although the Buick Regal's arrival in the States has yet to be confirmed, a question was asked about a possible GNX version based on the Insignia OPC. Henderson's answer: "Think you will like what you see in the future Regal alternatives (ala OPC alternatives), but do not look for GNX." Pity.
  • Finally, when asked what cars are currently in Henderson's garage, the General's general said, "Camaro, 2005 Corvette, Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible."
For more, you can read the full transcript of the chat on GM's FastLane blog.

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