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Bikes are the most efficient thing on two wheels (sorry, Aptera), but they're not ideal for everyone's city commute. A new vertical parking/shower stall concept from Yinnon Lehrer over at Yanko Design could make biking an easier choice for a lot of people. The main reasons: you bike is protected from theft and, in one of the concept kiosks, you can freshen up if you've had a sweaty ride.

Lehrer's long-term parking concept is incredibly flexible – the parking rods could be installed at train stations, by shopping centers or on the sides of buildings – and have a small footprint compared to traditional bike racks. In suburban areas with space to dedicate to bike parking (see here) a vertical structure wouldn't be needed, but we can see how this makes sense in busy cities. Our main suggestion to improve the design would be to include some sort of canopy at the top of the structure to protect the bikes from rain or snow. If you're going to leave your ride somewhere for a while, it'd be nice to know it'll be dry when you get back. Check out the sketches in the gallery below.

[Source: Yinnon Lehrer / Yanko Design]

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