Holdiman Motor terminated dealer plea - click above image to watch the video

Since government money washed in to pump out General Motors' and Chrysler's swamped and nearly sunken businesses, there's been little mention of the cuts to the dealer base that both automakers have made as part of their rebirth. Tammy Darvish, whose DarCars Automotive Group lost two Chrysler outlets, has started a YouTube channel that encourages terminated dealers to send in videos telling their stories.

Co-chair of the Committee to Restore Dealer Rights, Darvish feels that the dealers' stories have largely been ignored. Many of the videos tell tales of long family histories in the dealership business, and all have an air of incredulity about how their American Dreams could be snatched away. These personal accounts may not return any franchises to operation, but at the very least, the effort is cathartic and airs the plight of the many hardworking employees that found work at the now-closed stores. An example of the numerous videos on the channel posted after the jump.

[Sources: Automotive News - sub req, YouTube]

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