It hasn't been a secret for a long time that Cadillac is prepping a high performance V edition of its upcoming CTS coupe. It's also no secret that we're big fans of the CTS-V in the virtual Autoblog office. And yet Cadillac continues to tease us by putting camo on the nose and fanny of its two-door CTS-V prototypes. Why must they mock us?
The nose of the V coupe is pretty clearly visible in these images and is essentially much the same as we've already seen on the sedan down to its mesh grille.

Out back, it appears the coupe will carry the center mount exhaust pipes from the concept coupe of January 2008. However, the V gets big round pipes in place of the shield shaped unit on the concept. Mechanically we don't expect any significant changes from the sedan and frankly, that's just ducky with us.

[Source: LLN]

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