REPORT: Kia working on diesel hybrids, electric vehicles

Last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kia showed off a hybrid version of its new 2011 Sorento powered by a twin turbocharged diesel engine displacing 1.6 liters mated up to a dual clutch gearbox. While the Korean automaker didn't give any official indication that the powertrain could make it to production, an unnamed source reportedly told Autocar in the U.K.:
Diesel hybrids are certainly the way we'd like to go with our alternatively powered vehicles in the future... The powertrain seen in the Sorento has a strong chance of making production, be it in that model or others such as the Cee'd. All manufacturers have to work to get their emissions down and we think this is one our best chances of getting there.
In addition to diesel hybrids, the source also suggests that electric cars are in Kia's near future as well. Since Kia and Hyundai are corporate partners, it makes sense that Hyundai's future electric car plans would filter down to Kia as well, and that's exactly the scenario presented by Autocar's source.

[Source: Autocar]

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