The rumormill is going full-tilt with word that General Motors is about to get really serious about the "sport" in its Cadillac CTS Sportwagon. Here at Autoblog HQ, we certainly hope it's all true. After all, it's hard not to appreciate the current CTS-V, its mind-blowing supercharged LSA V8, and all the tire-immolating brawn it brings to the party. We also respect the extra dash of utility that comes with a touring or shooting brake body style, as exemplified with the Sportwagon.

In the wake of the published reports from our friends at Inside Line and Straightline, one of our readers sent us a copy of what he claims to be an email exchange between himself and GM's Bob Lutz. Reader Bob emailed Lutz, telling him that if General Motors offered a CTS-V wagon with a manual gearbox, he would buy one. Lutz reportedly responded with:
"Since we do market the V with a 6-speed manual, and since a V-wagon is in the plan, we'll be selling you a car in one year!"
We called Cadillac spokesperson David Caldwell, presented him with the alleged Lutz email conversation, and asked him if the V-Series wagon is indeed officially a go. His reply?
"No, there's not been an 'official' or announced change in the status of this car. It's certainly a car we're thinking of, and one we know how to do. I can't really speak to what's inside your reader's email account. I don't doubt him....nor would I doubt Bob Lutz. "
So, officially (and unsurprisingly), there's no confirmation one way or the other from Cadillac. Another source within GM tells us there are at least two CTS-V wagons (one manual, one automatic) currently undergoing verification testing at General Motors. Given that the wagon was created mainly for the European market, and that the Europeans embrace performance models such as the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon, it would certainly make sense to build a giant-slaying CTS-V Sportwagon. Even if Cadillac doesn't officially offer it to Americans, it's only a matter of time before someone in the aftermarket creates one from the parts bin.

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