0-60 builds its own Need For Speed racing cabinet, tells you how

For the first time in a long time, we sat down and played a racing game the other night. Fine, it wasn't a racing game -- it was the VirtualGT racing simulator. What did we learn? Georgia ought to pass a law against letting us onto Road Atlanta in a Porsche 997 Cup car. Also, instead of sitting on our buddy's couch and stuffing our face with Collisions: Pizza Cravers and Ranch flavored Doritos (a real flavor -- we swear!) while mindlessly hitting everything on the streets of Monaco in GT4, being in a race cabinet (and having a Cup instructor barking instructions in our ear) allowed us to pop off a 1:43 run around a 2.54 mile course. Not too terrible. And we're totally sure the cabinet added a second or two. Ahem.

Sadly, those high-falutin' racing rigs cost a fortune -- $18k at the low end, and that's without a display of any sort. You'd have to be a Porsche Cup racer to afford one. Not so fast, say our pals over at 0-60. In fact, they built a cabinet for Need For Speed: Shift and they're calling it the D.I.Y. R-Cade. First of all, how much will it cost you? $500, minus all the electronic stuff (which you probably already own anyhow). How long does it take? Not sure, but there are about 60 pages of instructions. We figure pretty long. Still, the end result is pretty cool looking, and you'd have your own racing cabinet.

[Source: 0-60mag.com]

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