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It's tradition for Steve Saleen to hold his annual open house and car show at the end of the summer, and while he's no longer with the company he originally founded, that's not stopping him from holding the event. The new SMS Supercars facility in Corona, CA was completed just in time to host more than 100 Mustang and Challenger owners who got a first look at Steve's new headquarters this past weekend.

SMS's chief creative officer Phil Frank showed us around the facility, which includes offices named after racetracks where the Saleen S7R has won, a production line that can complete 5-6 cars per week in its current state, R&D departments, and more. Currently only the 570 Challenger is being built (a Mustang and a Camaro are on their way, and we spotted two covered prototypes tucked away in a corner of the building), including some with unique paint jobs like Lime Green. We also have to say that Lizstick Red looks just as good on the Challenger as it does on the Mustang.

Frank also let us in on a few of the company's future plans, including the fact that SMS intends to build a new supercar from the ground up once the production of the Mustang and Camaro is underway. It is still undecided whether it will be a supercar like the S7 or something like a less expensive track day car, but either way we would be excited to see another unique car with Steve Saleen behind it.

Although not as big as Saleen's old Irvine facility (let's call it more streamlined and efficient), the new SMS building has that same exciting atmosphere about it. We can definitely see ourselves stopping by every time we're in the area to see if we can spot any new cars or to check out the vehicles currently being built. Of course, we'll always have a camera in hand as we did today, so enjoy what will most likely be the first of many photos from the new SMS Supercars facility in the high-res gallery below.

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