2007 Saleen S7 - 2dr Coupe (Base)
2dr Coupe (Base)
7.0L V-8
10 City / 17 HWY
Audi's next S7 spotted sporting Prologue-inspired nose

Audi's huge hot hatch gets some track time at the Nurburgring.
The Saleen S7 lives! Now with 1,000 horsepower

Just seven S7 LMs will be produced. The price? Uh, about that...

America's supercar is back with LaFerrari-besting power.
The Story of the American Supercar

The Europeans aren't the only ones capable of producing exotic supercars.

The Chevy Corvette, Dodge Viper, and Ford GT aren't the only supercars to emerge from American automakers. Follow the story from Vector to Hennessey.
2,200-HP Saleen S7 is a goosebump generator on the dyno

What does more than 2,200 horsepower sound like? Any of us could guess that an output that gargantuan doesn't enter the world like a gentle breeze, but putting an actual voice to it could require some imagination. That is, unless you happened to have a video of a ridiculously tuned Saleen S7 going for broke on a dyno run.

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