Marussia B2 and B1 Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

When we hear the phrase "Russian Supercar" we initially think of either a turbocharged tank or something made from wallpaper, powered by fictional hubris yet somehow still finished in mirrored chrome. Any of which would come with his and hers full length mink coats. However, the two Marussia models present something of a dilemma to this way of thinking. They are not awful. In fact, viewed from a distance, there's much to like. Sure, up close they're a tad rough (check out the exposed screws, lumpen metal over the door hinges and Pep Boys reflectors), but they're really not bad. Which is good, if you can pardon our Orwellian wording.

Our real gripe, besides not knowing bupkis about what's under the hood (some sort of Renault/Nissan V6 coupled to electronic components from... somewhere), is that the designs are a bit derivative. Aggressive as all get out, certainly, but we've seen them before. The B1 has the stance of a Pagani Zonda, while the B2 is a mix of Apollo Gumpert and Aston Martin Rapide with a smattering of Lamborghini Reventon tossed in for flavor. But as Woody Allen said, "Always be original. But if you must steal, steal from the best." Marussia is (predictably) a little mum on the details, but we can assume the same mystery motor in the B1 powers the B2. Now, about those panel gaps...

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