What a Way to Go: Oldest reported Pontiac found as brand rides off into the sunset

As it turns out, "old GM" still matters to someone -- and in this case, we mean really old. The Fairfield County Concours d'Elegance in Westport, Connecticut wanted to include Pontiac in this year's showing, so it went looking for the most ancient example it could find. Of the 12 Pontiacs they tracked down from 1926, the brand's inaugural year, the very oldest resided in Minnetonka, Minnesota: a 1926 two-door coach.

Co-owned by a father and son, Roy and Paul Jaszczak, the Series 6-27 is in good running condition and has apparently made it this far in life without a major restoration: a clean-up, a valve job, and replacing the Lindbergh-era tires is all the Jaszczak's have needed to do.

For their munificent stewardship of the oldest Pontiac, the car will be shipped to the Concours and the Jaszczak's will be flown to New York and put up in swank digs. Then they'll drive the car up to Westport and revel in the kind of East Coast attention that probably hasn't been showered on Minnesotans since Fargo. It's a fitting showcase for the end of the "We build excitement" era, and to the Jaszczak's we say: nice work.

[Source: Star Tribune]

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