The Ferrari 458 has been introducing itself to company workers and to what could be potential customers. The verdict: we're still not sure about the triplicate exhaust, but the car is fo' dam' sho' hot, and probably the best looking black prancing horse we've ever seen. (I'll take a black 512 BB, thanks. - Ed. ) Posters at have noticed that the show cars are missing LEDs on the steering wheel, which means -- usuprisingly -- Ferrari has a lot of expensive options in mind for the car.
People at the presentation also spoke of some of the finer points of the cars -- in four different colors -- such as the trunk shape, plastic pieces of interior trim, and the placement of the horse emblem where a front license plate will need to go in many countries. We will bring you more details from the Frankfurt floor next week, but in the meantime enjoy the pictorial show.

[Source: Autogespot, TDU]

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