Now that cell phones are so ubiquitous all around the developed world, there seems to be little need for all those public telephone booths dotting the landscape. This being the case, there are plans in place in Spain that could see a large number of these unused telephone booths converted into electric car recharging stations.
The Spanish government's plan would see 546 new electric car charging stations built in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville using old telephone booths. Its thought that these charge points could service 2,000 new electric vehicles. Considering that most of these old booths are located in high traffic areas and are situated close to the curb, the idea seems to have merit.

Spain has set aside $2.2 million to invest in this green transportation project and plans to allow EV owners to charge their cars and park for free and enjoy a 75 percent reduction in taxes.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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