Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma: tests Marty McFly's reborn ride

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Today, we hearken back to the days when Toyota's trucks were simply called, uh... Toyota Trucks. Suddenly, its 1985 all over again. We may be getting somewhat tired of the constant retro influences invading today's automotive marketplace, but we'll gladly give the Japanese automaker a pass if it finds a way to put the Tacoma Truck Concept – better known to many as the Back to the Future Truck – from last year's SEMA Show into production.

We'd take the BTTF Truck exactly as it sits in concept form, complete with the cream pearl exterior with retro black graphics. Inside, the multi-toned brown and beige surfaces are period perfect, though it may be tough finding an adequate supply of 20 year-old Recaro fabric. Stick with the solid front and rear axles along with the standard four-wheel drive too, but we'd prefer to see a slightly more powerful powerplant up front (diesel anyone?) than the stock 159-horsepower 2.7-liter.

As far as driving impressions go, managed to snag some seat time in the not-so-futuristic truck, finding that it handles dirt roads with aplomb. Toyota admits that this particular concept was assembled a bit too hastily to tackle the real tough stuff, but the hardware is all there to make for a real-life off-road rambler with a few more weekends worth of wrench spinning. So, could it ever enter production? Normally, we'd say there's a snowball's chance in... the Sahara. But, you know, never say never.

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