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According to World Car Fans, there's a new hybrid S-Class concept from Mercedes-Benz slated to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. Unlike the previously-announced mild hybrid version of the S 400, the new Vision S 500 will reportedly come equipped with a plug and capable of powering itself solely on electric power for considerable distances.

At the heart of the concept will be a lithium ion battery pack that will store 10 kWh of power, giving it an electric-only range of over 18 miles (30 kilometers). That power storage unit will send its electrons to a 60-horsepower (44 kW) electric motor mated to an unknown gasoline-fed V6. Together, the twin power sources will reportedly push the big Benz to 60 mph in under 5.5 seconds.

Naturally, fuel economy and emissions are of paramount concern with this type of machine, and the S 500 PHEV won't disappoint. We're not sure what standard was used to come up with the 73.5 (3.2L per 100 km) mpg figure, but it appears to compare rather favorably with other competing luxury hybrids. Stay tuned for more when we hit the floor in Frankfurt.

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[Source: World Car Fans]

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