Honda RA-X Concept by Xuacu Perez -- Click above for high-res image gallery

With the S2000 going, going, gone and sports car fans left to wait until the CR-Z arrives, some car designers have taken to creating Honda sports cars on their own. This effort is from Spaniard Xuacu Perez, who wanted to design a modern Honda that spoke to the company's Formula 1 cars from the sixties.

It's called the RA-X, the first two letters pulled from Honda's F1 nomenclature, with a direct tie being the exhaust outlets, which mimic those on the RA300 from 1967. Quite compact at just 13.3 feet long, 3.8 feet high, and 6.4 feet wide (4050 mm / 1163 mm / 1940 mm), theoretical power could be in excess of 350 hp from the mid-engined, rear-wheel drive layout.

The X in the name comes from the cross formed by the side's design elements. It's all kinds of edges and smooth bits all mixed together, with a rear end that reminds us of a slightly softer Zenvo ST1... which gets us to wondering what a small, nimble, Zenvo-by-Honda could be... And that's reason alone to justify the RA-X's existence. Hat tip to LoboSylva

[Source: Xuacu Designs]

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