eBay Find of the Day: Custom Ferrari... chopper?

Custom Ferrari Chopper - Click above for high-res image gallery

When we think of a two-wheeled Ferrari, a stretched-out, chopper-style motorcycle isn't what naturally comes to mind. After all, the Italian supercars are known just as much for their ability to tear up the racetrack as the drag strip and choppers aren't exactly renowned for their handling prowess.

Still, we're all for freedom of expression and at least one enterprising motorcycle builder has decided to tackle the contradiction in terms that is a Ferrari chopper, as you can see with the machine above. There are apparently two such bikes in existence – the first may have been powered by an inline-triple from Triumph while the second uses an inline-four yanked from a Yamaha R1. Both cycles have been on the show circuit, featured all over the internet (including right here on Autoblog) and in print.

This auction recently ended, so if you're interested in taking home your very own Ferrari-branded custom chopper, you'll just have to wait for next time. Thanks for the tip, Avery!

[Source: eBay | Photo: Exotic Custom Choppers - Used with permission]

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