A couple of weeks ago, we challenged you to take a shot at a written driving test. The test wasn't designed for rocket scientists, but a few of you justifiably complained about the confusing verbiage in some of the questions, and the fact that some laws vary from state to state. Yeah, some of you flunked.

Moving forward, the folks over at AutoInsurance.org have offered us a new exam -- based simply on road signs. This should be easy. After all, road signs are designed to be comprehended at a glace, day or night, in rain or shine, even if English is your fourth language.

Toss your apprehensions aside. This 19-question quiz won't bewilder or baffle you with a superfluity of words, and the pictographs generally mean the same thing in all municipalities. So no excuses this time... Go ahead, take the quiz.

[Source: Autoinsurance.org]

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