Could you still pass a driving test? Take this quiz and find out

If you are like most of us, you look back at your first DMV-issued driving test – that one you took with a dull nub of a pencil while standing in a crowded room – and remember racking your brain over questions that not only made no sense, but some that were downright confusing. Whether we approve of the age-old process or not, everyone eventually passes their first driving test (and it seems many forget everything the moment they hit the highways).

Now that you are well-seasoned driver with years (or decades) of experience under your seatbelt, and you know all the rules of the road, the folks over at are offering you a chance to take a quick driving test all over again. Don't worry, this isn't a government-issued quiz (we can't recall our local DMV ever giving us a multiple-choice test with "flip him the bird" as a potential answer), and it won't count on your driving record. However, it will make you ponder about a few rules of the road that many of us have tossed into the cobweb-laden parts of our brains. Go ahead, take the test, and brag about your results in our comments section!


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