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"There's no point in trying to outdo the F1, they'll never do it. The world has moved on..." That's what legendary designer Gordon Murray told CAR about the future of the supercar. We'd like to disagree, but you can't argue the subject of supercars with the father of the McLaren F1. Fortunately, he's willing to take another crack at it to show us how it's done.

Currently, Murrary is keeping busy revolutionizing the way we build cars with his iStream technology and his soon-to-be-released T25. His next project will be more performance-oriented, but rather than trying to outdo the McLaren F1, he'll be going for a high power-to-weight ratio by decreasing the latter, not increasing the former. The result promises to be "expensive and exclusive", but quite different from the P11 program on which his successors at McLaren are currently working – a program which Murray apparently doesn't give much of a chance. Better show 'em the way, Gordon.

[Source: CAR]

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