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When Nissan announced the cities where the first 5,000 Nissan Leafs would be sold – Tennessee, Oregon, San Diego, Seattle and the Phoenix/Tucson region in Arizona – it picked those areas for their likely high rates of electric vehicle adoption. The local Seattle news site Seattle PI (the remnants of the once-printed Post-Intelligencer) took a look at the lay of the land to see if the city is ready for a thousand new EVs. One bit that caught our eye was a mention of the 230 members of the local Electric Vehicle Association chapter – the nation's largest. Getting to be first with the Leaf can only help grow that number. Seattle's EVA chapter president, Steve Lough, told the PI that, "There's a perfect storm this time around," for widespread adoption of EVs.

The Seattle charging infrastructure will come from Nissan's partner eTec with help from the federal government's $2.4 billion investment in EVs and related items. About $20 million will be used to install 2,550 chargers in Seattle between next summer and the summer of 2011. Each Leaf buyer will get a charger, and the other 1,550 might be put in "parking garages and places where people shop for one or two hours." Questions on where, exactly, the chargers will be built and other details will be decided in the near future.

[Source: Seattle PI]

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