VIDEO: Record-setting British Steam Car in action

British Steam Car - Click above to watch the video after the break

So, you've been following the progress of the British Steam Car Challenge for the last few years – well, at least we've been following the team's progress that long – and it's all finally led up to a new world record. Fastest Steam Car in the World... it's got a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say?

As a matter of fact, the car handily earns its off-hand comparisons to a tea kettle, as you can clearly hear from the video pasted after the break. Though we don't get to witness the steam-powered streamliner streak past at its official record of 139.843 miles per hour, seeing the beast move under its own power is an impressive sight.

How does it work? 12 LPG-fueled boilers heat 10.5 gallons of water to 750-degrees F. Then, nearly two miles of plumbing inside the car takes that pressurized steam to a two-stage turbine spinning at a stratospheric 13,000 RPM. No wonder it makes such a racket!

[Source: Telegraph]

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