Chevrolet Volt pre-production IVER prototype - Click above for high-res image gallery

By now, we've likely all seen dozens of pictures of the latest Chevy Volt integration vehicle engineering releases – better known as IVERs – running around GM's various testing facilities. Our own Sam Abuelsamid even hitched a ride in one. Unless you're paying really close attention, though, it's easy to miss some of the tiny, seemingly insignificant details that have been made to the car since it was first revealed in production form.

For instance, how many noticed that the Volt's front fender and hood cut lines had been altered? And, if you were one of the few that caught that tweak, did you wonder why? Lyle Dennis from sought an answer. According to Bob Boniface, chief designer of the Chevy Volt:
Hood cutline change was made for compliance with European Pedestrian Protection regulations. Hood cutines tend to be very stiff due to metal flanging and the original ones fell into test zone for head impact... I was happy to move them because I think the side view line makes the fender appear thinner.
Well, there you go. Perhaps it's appropriate to mention (once again) that there are untold numbers of complications and minutiae that crop up when designing cars that are to be sold all around the world. With that in mind, it's also highly probable that these changes will be made to the Opel Ampera and Holden Volt for the same reasons.


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