Carb Control: Asian chefs create unreal life-size F1 car from bread

Asia's Largest race car made from bread - Click above for high-res image gallery

We know what you're thinking, and we agree – if there's one thing that we just can't seem to accept in modern Formula One racing, it's the distinct lack of edible race cars. Fortunately, that minor niggle is currently being remedied by the Culinary Executive Chef from the Royal Plaza On Scotts in Singapore, who led a team of six chefs, two artists, two technicians, two culinary staff members and five young volunteers from Metta Welfare Association to create bake the machine you see in the gallery below: Asia's Largest Race Car Made From Bread. We wonder... is there some other bread-based race car vying for the world record?

According to, there are a thousand individual loaves and 22 different types of bread in the life-size F1 car. More numbers: it took 33 pounds of yeast, 14 liters of water, 4.4 pounds of salt and nearly three gallons of varnish to finish this delightful creation. We bet it's the best smelling race car ever.

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