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As has been reported in the past, GM's Australian arm is waiting in eager anticipation for a Holden-badged version of the Chevy Volt to hit the market Down Under in 2012. That car will be assembled here in the United States and is little more than a standard Volt minus the Bowtie emblem on the front fascia – not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

According to Wards Auto, though, South Australia Premier Mike Rann is hoping for even more electrification, preferably built in Australia for its own home market. Since Holden is already going to build a version of the upcoming Cruze in Australia, which is based on the same Delta underpinnings as the Volt, might it be possible for Holden to build its own Volt? Says Rann:
While the Cruze will be a fuel-efficient car, I would like to see the Elizabeth plant manufacturing the same model but with an even greater fuel efficiency in the future, as the technology develops.
While it's true the Volt and Cruze share the basic Delta platform, the details of the two cars are radically different and there aren't any plans at present to build a Voltec-powered vehicle in Australia. Still, The General isn't ruling out a locally-built EV for the Australian market, and officials from the country have further visits planned later this year to continue discussing the subject. Stay tuned.

[Source: Wards Auto]

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