Helen and John Taylor have done it again. The husband and wife team of hyper-milers fuel stretchers have just broken their own "48 Contiguous U.S. States Fuel Economy Guinness World Record" with an average of 67.9 miles per gallon. That's quite a bit better than the duo's previous record of just over 58 mpg, and it was recorded over three weeks and more than 9,000 miles without such controversial and potentially dangerous techniques as drafting or rolling through stop signs.

Key to the Taylor's success is both their choice of automobile – a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI – and their specially-designed Goodyear Fuel MaX tires. The Taylors suggest that these tires were one of the main ingredients that allowed them to better their previous economy record. Goodyear estimates that the Fuel Max hoops offer up a four-percent boost in fuel efficiency. Says Helen Taylor:
We hope our record-breaking journey helps educate the driving public that decisions, such as choosing the right tires, using the right fuel and adopting fuel-saving driving techniques, can help anyone save money and fuel, and reduce carbon emissions.
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Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires Help Couple Shatter Fuel Efficiency Guinness World Record

Australian couple breaks record by more than 9 miles per gallon

AKRON, Ohio, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In an impressive display of fuel economy, two drivers from Australia have broken the "48 Contiguous U.S. States Fuel Economy Guinness World Record," driving a car equipped with Goodyear (NYSE: GT) Assurance Fuel Max tires. This three-week, 9,000+ mile drive through all 48 contiguous states in the U.S., showcased the potential fuel savings from the breakthrough fuel-efficient tread compound found in the new tires.

Helen and John Taylor had set the previous record in 2008 with a mark of 58.82 miles per gallon (MPG). With the just-completed journey, the Taylors achieved a significant improvement in fuel economy with a strong final MPG average of 67.90.

"While our own testing shows just how fuel-efficient these new tires are, we wanted to provide a real-world example of the difference Fuel Max Technology can make," said Mark Cherveny, Goodyear brand manager, passenger tires. "Helen and John Taylor broke their own world record set last year, using the same car, the same fuel, and traveling the same route. We believe the difference this year is the set of Assurance Fuel Max tires."

With more than 80 fuel economy and driving world records, Australia's Taylors are no strangers to finding the latest, broadly available technological advancements to help them get the most out of a gallon of fuel. Having established the previous world record, the Taylors were eager to test what kind of difference Goodyear's Fuel Max tires could make.

"We looked forward to the challenge of attempting to break our own world record drive through the 48 U.S. mainland states, and after only a few days of driving on these Goodyear tires, we knew we could shatter the record," said Helen Taylor. "We hope our record-breaking journey helps educate the driving public that decisions, such as choosing the right tires, using the right fuel and adopting fuel-saving driving techniques can help anyone save money and fuel, and reduce carbon emissions."

On July 28, the Taylors kicked off their long-distance drive just as they did last year - at a Shell-branded station in Sterling, VA, and crossed the "finish line" in Ashburn, VA, at a Goodyear independently owned and operated retail store, Virginia Tire & Auto. To best showcase the difference with the new Goodyear tires, the Taylors set out on the challenge in the same vehicle they used to set the previous record - a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

John and Helen Taylor refueled their vehicle with Shell Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel at Shell-branded stations along the route. Shell, a global leader in diesel technology, was also the Taylors' fuel of choice when they broke the global fuel economy world record in 2006. Shell has been providing motorists with quality fuels for more than 100 years.

"Shell applauds the Taylors' ongoing efforts to help drivers around the world understand how to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, and we are proud to be their fuel sponsor once again," said Jens Mueller-Belau, U.S. retail fuels marketing, Shell Oil Products U.S. "John and Helen Taylor are two of the world's most economical drivers, and we share their passion for fuel economy. We want to help consumers learn how to drive more efficiently, so whether the goal is setting a Guinness World Record or running local errands, simple driving techniques and vehicle maintenance tips can help every driver get the most out of every drop."

As always, Guinness World Records' rules and regulations were strictly adhered to on this challenge, including the prerequisite to adhere to all local maximum/minimum speed limits and traffic regulations. Fourteen official check-in and refueling stops across the country were included throughout the duration of the drive.

The couple followed a counter-clockwise route that included scheduled stops in Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Nevada, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Louisiana and West Virginia. Some of the fuel-maximizing tactics the Taylors employed on the road included actions such as avoiding idling and higher speeds, minimizing vehicle drag and performing regular vehicle maintenance.

The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire features a proprietary fuel-saving tread compound that helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls, so less gas is required to keep the tire rolling. The 4 percent improvement in highway fuel economy delivered by the new Fuel Max tires means, in essence, drivers can save 2,600 miles worth of gas over the life of a set of 4 tires.*

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires are available to consumers now, and offer all-season traction - just in time for the busy fall driving season -with full availability of 27 sizes, fitting about 80 percent of the passenger tire segment. See www.goodyeartires.com for more details on Assurance Fuel Max.

Goodyear is one of the world's largest tire companies. It employs approximately 71,000 people and manufactures its products in more than 60 facilities in 25 countries around the world. For more information about Goodyear, go to www.goodyear.com.

Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, is a leader in the refining, transportation and marketing of fuels, and has a network of approximately 6,100 branded gasoline stations in the Western United States. Shell Oil Company is an affiliate of the Shell Group. For more information, please visit www.shell.com. Motiva Enterprises LLC refines and markets branded products through approximately 8,100 Shell-branded stations in the Eastern and Southern United States. Shell Oil Company is a 50 percent owner of Motiva Enterprises LLC, along with Saudi Refining, Inc.

Corporate Auto, founded in 1987, provided and transported the 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI for the record-setting drive. Corporate Auto has a stellar history of providing vehicles for corporate usage, which includes competitive vehicle benchmark tests and marketing shows and events. For more information, visit www.corp-auto.com.

*(Note: This savings is based on a 4% fuel economy improvement, on 65,000-mile tread life limited warranty, as compared to the standard Goodyear Assurance tire tested on P195/65R15 size on a 2008 Honda Civic. Actual results may vary based on when tires are replaced, driving and road conditions, and proper tire maintenance.)

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