Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz SLC convertible caught in Monterey

Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG Convertible - Click above for a high-res gallery

With the Frankfurt Motor Show right around the corner, Mercedes-Benz is putting the finishing touches on its 565-hp, 6.3-liter AMG SLC supercar. A North American media event is likely scheduled for next month, and lo-and-behold, when we stepped out of the Intercontinental Hotel in Monterey, CA yesterday morning, four mildly camouflaged SLS prototypes were waiting outside.

According to one of our insiders, the M-B crew will be holding a press event in and around the Monterey peninsula (undoubtedly with track time at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca), and the engineers on hand were scouting roads and drive routes ahead of the September shindig.

Although we've seen countless spy shots of the SLS over the last year, this was our first opportunity to see Merc's newest supercar up close, along with the upcoming convertible variant that's likely to be revealed along with the coupe in Germany, or shortly thereafter.

In person, the SLS' dimensions are nearly perfect, with its elongated hood and squat rear end coming off as far more subdued that its McMerc predecessor. Two things to note in the gallery below: first, the Aston-esque door handles are mounted directly in the middle of the doors, which seems like an odd choice considering there's no apparent reason not to install the units below the window on the SLS' strong beltline. Secondly, the convertible variant features a cloth top, although the vinyl camo appears to have a non-functioning zipper that follows the line of the gullwing coupe's doors. We're assuming the camouflage was just adapted to fit the convertible or perhaps it was a bit of visual trickery employed to throw off would-be spy photogs, but it still struck us as strange. Regardless, enjoy the images below and check out the massive carbon ceramic brakes complete with gold Brembo calipers.

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