First images of Gemballa's Mistrale modified Porsche Panamera surface

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Seems like these days, Gemballa is best known for turning out customized versions of Porsche's last superdupercar, the Carrera GT. They call it the Mirage GT, and just to refresh your memory, Gemballa will sell you the Carbon edition, the Gold edition and, of course, the Matte edition. True, the Mirage GT comes complete with a bit more power than a "regular" Carrera GT, but some folks see the precious materials edition as something of a desecration. We're betting those same folks won't be nearly as upset about the upcoming Mistrale, a tuning package for the Porsche Panamera.

Besides what the body kit looks like, all we know for sure is that Mistrale is a cold wind that blows across France's Provence region, upsetting the normally idyllic weather. And while we're not going to go so far as to call the Panamera idyllic, it must be said that in person Porsche's four-seat grand touring butt kicker has a rarefied and purpose built presence that silences most critics. Especially the Turbo.

Regardless, Gemballa built some new body panels for the Mistrale, which we'll assume is based on the mighty Turbo, including an all new front clip with a carbon fiber lip and intakes plus extra vertical brake-cooling ducts. The hood has a couple of matching slashes in it (presumably to cool a more powerful motor), as does the rear bumper for even more brake cooling. The best looking body-mod has to be the exhaust pipes, which have all been moved up and inboard, giving the big sedan real supercar cachet. And of course, 22-inch wheels because why on earth not? These images are just computer renderings right now, but the Mistrale should be coming soon, and with it an even more powerful four-seat Porsche. What's not to like?

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