On Monday we reported that as of August 7, U.S. auto dealers had received 245,000 Clunkers worth $1.03 billion as of. Today is Wednesday, August 12 and those numbers have swelled by 71,000 cars and $300 million. Put another way, dealers are hoping to collectively collect $60 million a day. And that's counting weekends. The amount per weekday is closer to $90 million.

As of right now, there's $1.66 billion left in the replenished Cash 4 Clunkers program. If consumers continue buying cars at the current rate, that's just about 28 days until the program is tapped out. We know there's a zombie film analogy to be made here, but we're going to resist. We will however provide a video (after the jump) of a 1995 Ford Explorer getting its engine seized, which we know to some folks is more frightening than any zombie flick.

[Source: Detroit News | Image Source: Paul J. Richards/Getty/AFP]

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