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Not content to let General Motors grab all the shiny happy tree-huggy headlines today with its 230 mpg claim for the Chevy Volt in city operation, the gang manning the NissanEVs Twitter account needled GM's range-extended EV messiah, tweeting:

Nissan Leaf = 367 mpg, no tailpipe, and no gas required. Oh yeah, and it'll be affordable too!

Given that the methodology of how the feds will ultimately arrive at the official mileage numbers (or mileage equivalents) for many of these next-gen greenmobiles is not yet finalized, we'll take all the hype and scoreboard pointing with a grain of salt until we see actual, final numbers posted at (Nissan says its 367 mpg figure was derived by using the Department of Energy formula.)

In any case, a Twitter spitball fight between GMBlogs and NissanEVs over this stuff would be kind of entertaining to watch. Sorta like the nerdy opposite of the ZR1 vs. GT-R debate.

[Source: Nissan EVs onTwitter]

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