REPORT: Toyoda says Lexus LF-A on time and headed for America, reconfirms Toyobaru

Lexus LF-A Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery

There's a new sheriff in town at Toyota, and he's wasting no time in making his presence felt at the World's Largest Automaker. Fortunately, that finally means a return to building fun-to-drive cars after years of offering virtually nothing to tempt the enthusiast market. We can only hope that some of that sporting DNA finds its way into the rest of the automaker's staid lineup as well.

"The severe drop in the economy and auto market has created some of the most challenging times Toyota has ever faced," says new Toyota Prez Akio Toyoda. "I aim to take us back to what made Toyota successful for many years – making high-quality products at an affordable price."

According to Toyoda, two of the most eagerly anticipated (non-hybrid) vehicles from Toyota in years are moving ahead at full steam. First of all, the seemingly forever-delayed Lexus LF-A sportscar is back on track and headed Stateside. Secondly, Toyoda reconfirmed earlier reports that the planned affordable sportscar made in partnership with Subaru is on its way within the next few years. Finally, change we can believe in!

[Source: Wall Street Journal - Sub. Req'd]

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