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Following closely in the footsteps of its rival from Maranello, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed in an interview with German Automobilewoche magazine that the Italian purveyor of high-end supercars is working on a hybrid Gallardo. Not surprisingly, the electrically-assisted Bull is expected to hit the market in 2015 – the same year as the upcoming fuel-saving Ferrari.

In contrast to the recently announced fully electric SLS Gullwing from Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini's eco-friendly efforts won't include replacing the traditional gasoline-guzzling powerplant completely. Instead, Winkelmann suggests that a small electric motor would be used solely to get the car moving at low speeds, after which either the expected V10 or V12 engine would kick the fun into high gear.

In somewhat related news, the boys at Inside Line report that both the Gallardo and Murcièlago lines are destined to receive dedicated track-ready Balboni-style rear-wheel drive models to augment the automaker's already amazingly capable all-wheel drive supercars. Could the stage be set for an AWD hybrid with the front wheels electrically powered and the rears via a conventional powertrain?

[Source: Popular Science]

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