Last month we learned Chevy sold more Camaros in June than Ford did Mustangs. It's like 1969 all over again. Now, we did state that, "as The General has a backlog of 10,000 sold orders to fill (equating to less than a seven day supply), the streak is likely to continue for at least the next few months." But you know, with GM still being in the federal dog house and all that, plus with Ford being on the up and up, we wouldn't have been shocked to see more 'Stangs than 'Maros moving off lots during July. Only once again, Chevy beat Ford in the pony car sales department.

That said, Chevy sold about 2,200 less Camaros (9,320 vs. 7,113) in July than they did June -- and that's with Cash for Clunkers running at full tilt. For their part, Ford sold about 1,000 fewer Mustangs (7,632 vs. 6,686) month-to-month. Drawn out on a long enough graph, and Ford will eventually sell more Mustangs. That's if reading trends wasn't just like reading tea leaves. As far as why the Camaro continues to outsell the Mustang, we'll chalk that up to the Chevy's newness. Once the General fulfills all of its backlogged orders, we're thinking the Mustang is just too tough an opponent to continually beat. Even if they keep covering the Chevy in Gobots Transfromers bunting. Either way, we'll see you back here next month.

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