Moonwalker video Stratos Zero replica - click above for high-res image gallery

First of all, HA HA HA! Second, yes, this is the car used in Michael Jackson's 1988 film Moonwalker. Now, even the King of Pop couldn't get Lancia to cough up the original Zero, so a replica was built by movie car maker Andy Saunders, based on a Fiat and complete with a four-cylinder engine.

It should be pretty apparent to any pistonhead worth their slightly used crankcase oil that the wedgy Zero was penned by none other than car designer extraordinaire Marcello Gandini. Not only is there a whole lotta Countach going on, but a third-helping of Lancia Stratos, too. Some of the more observant amongst you might be yelling, "Hey – the O.G. Zero is brown, not orange!" We share your pain, but for some reason Jacko wanted sherbert.

Now, the one-off replica of the one-off Zero Bertone concept car has the low, low reserve price of just $100,000 -- better start bidding before someone else beats you to this wonderful piece of automotive history. And for those of you totally missing the sarcasm gene, let us just add: HA HA HA!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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