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Just four short months ago a rumor surfaced that Lamborghini would be making a topless version of its hottest model, the F22-inspired Reventon. Word is that today Lambo is showing off its most expensive ever ragin' bull to a super select cabal of people so wealthy that we'll never understand. Based on the Murcielago, the original carbon fiber Reventon was limited to 20 units (plus one for the museum) and cost just about $1 million. And therein lies the problem. As a Reventon owner, you have a 19 out of 6.5 billion chance of running into another person driving the same car as you -- not exclusive enough.

This is where the new drop top Rev comes in. Limited to just nine examples makes the new Lambo more than twice as exclusive. As its price will climb to $1.6 million, it had better be. Besides losing the roof, the Reventon Roadster will be more powerful than its hard-top cousins, as the convertible will get the LP670-4 SV's stonking 6.5-liter V12 good for 670 horsepower and 487 lb-ft of torque. You know, we could get used to this whole filthy rich thing.

[Source: eGMcartech]

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