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PGA golfer Leif Olson has only made $19,512 so far in 2009, and, we're just guessing here when we say that his portfolio and his golf game probably isn't going to approach Tiger Woods status any time soon. At the same time, Olson has done something that Woods hasn't done on tour in a long time; hit a hole-in-one when it counts. Not only did Olson gain two strokes on the competition as a reward for his improbable shot, but he also received a $51,512 bonus in the form of a spanking new 2009 BMW Z4.

Hit the jump to see Olson's totally ridiculous hole-in-one shot this past weekend at the Canadian Open. The ball lands about 10 feet past the hole, roles back, hits another ball, then goes in the hole. Even better is the genuine expression of joy on the face of Olson when he gets in his new, 300 horsepower Bimmer convertible. Usually the big-dollar athletes aren't as excited to win a car that isn't as nice as the 10 they already have, but in Olson's case, there's a decent chance this Zed will be his new daily driver.

[Source:ESPN via YouTube]

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