Note to Smart Fortwo owners: Don't park your itty-bitty city cars near easily-accessible bodies of water. If you thought the car's errant transmission and its rough-and-tumble shifts were your biggest concern, you've likely never heard of the latest craze sweeping Amsterdam: "Smart Smijten." That's 'Smart Tipping' in American, and the reality of the situation is just about as distasteful as it sounds to owners of affected Fortwos.
Since drivers of the diminutive little urban runabouts often choose to back in to parking spots side-by-side in order to save on congestion – not to mention the fact that all the weight of the car's drivetrain is in the rear – it's reportedly quite easy for drunken revelers to lift the front of the Fortwo and tip it tail-first right into a canal. As you'd expect, any car that spends the night sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of a canal is very likely a total loss. Police in Amsterdam are working to crack the case, though the main concern at this point is reportedly stopping copycat criminals.

[Source: De Telegraaf via Gadling]

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