Tron Legacy Light Cycles - Click above to watch the video after the jump

At last year's Comic-Con , one of the biggest throwbacks to '80s geekery was the surprise announcement of an update to the classic film (in our minds, at least), Tron. Attendees got a sneak peek of the new film's Light Cycle sequence, with a pair of the bikes dueling, leaving those signature, impossible-to-negotiate light trails in their wake. Mercifully, it the TR2N moniker used at the end of the clip in 2008 has given way to the much more palatable Tron Legacy. Further, while the teaser leaked onto the web briefly during last year's con, Disney's legal army shut it all down pretty quickly.

Now, a year later, that footage has been officially released for all to see at this year's convention. It seems that the Light Cycles have evolved in the intervening decades and are now much faster and more realistic in appearance. Follow the jump to see it all unfold in the the official Comic-Con 2009 teaser trailer for Tron Legacy, and do your best to hold back your inner fanboy. Oh, and one last thing – yes, that's Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Flynn, though with a decidedly darker tone than before.

[Source: Asphalt and Rubber]


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