Music To Hate Electric Cars By - Click above to view the video after the jump

Every so often, a song comes along that demonstrates the incredible power the musical medium can have in provoking social change. Who can deny the positive effect that tunes like the Beatle's Give Peace a Chance or Bob Marley's One Love had on so many people? Now consider what could happen if that pentatonic power was somehow used for evil. Just as nuclear explosions can power cities but also destroy them (kind of like that evil parallel universe Spock), perhaps it's possible a seemingly innocent song can have the a strong negative effect. What if a children's ditty could somehow turn civilization against the electric cars that promise a low carbon future? We think it's possible.

Whilst stumbling about the Internet's video tubes, we happened upon the sorriest bit of refrain-driven rot that might ever have been written. Unfortunately, not only was it written, but it was also performed and recorded and now lurks just beneath the fingers of everyone presently tapping happily away at their computer keyboards. Yes, even yours. If you think you have the strength to resist its attitude-altering awfulness, hit the jump and, no wait, lower your volume and hit the jump and see if you can make it through 3 and a half minutes without collapsing in a writhing twisted heap on the floor. Afterwards, if you think yourself capable of typing, let us know if you think we're doomed.

[Source: YouTube]

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