eBay finds of the day: Vectrix maxiscooters

While it is quite sad to see electric scooter maker Vectrix balancing on the brink of bankruptcy, it should also be remembered that there's a silver lining to every cloud. In this case, quite a bit of silver. When the East coast company started to run into trouble late last year it had been in the midst of creating an extensive dealer network and had delivered bikes to stores all across the country. Many of those machines are still hanging around today, taking up space and waiting for customers with paychecks to take pity on them, while dealers are becoming more anxious to recoup something from their investment. As a result, eBay, that great surplus supermarket in the internet sky, has quite of few of the all-electric maxiscooters on offer with deep discounts.

For example, there is one listed in Hatfield Pennsylania, brand new in the box with a starting bid of $3,000 and a "Buy it now" price of $4,000. A far cry from the days when it required $11,000 to bring these babies home. Hit the jump for exclusive ABG video of a detailed run down of all the bike's features.

[Source: eBay]

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