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Suzuki's upstart SX4 Crossover has continually surprised and delighted the automotive press with perky driving dynamics and nifty features like standard pop-up navigation. While we enjoyed the SX4 Sport we tested last year, we prefer the usability and all-wheel drive capability of the five door Crossover. AWD does add cost to the modestly priced SX4, though, and the added weight and parasitic drag have a negative impact on fuel economy.

Suzuki is reportedly further addressing that situation for the 2010 model year, as it is planning a front-drive SX4 hatch with SportBack trim. The front-drive SportBack, available only in Touring trim, will lose the Crossover's roof rack while gaining the sporty demeanor and lower ride height of the sedan.The Car Connection says that Suzuki will also raise the power output of the SX4's 2.0-liter engine across the range, bringing the stallion tally to 150. Without all-wheel drive, the SX4 SportBack will be lighter and more efficient, and without a roof rack, sitting lower to the ground, it figures to be more aerodynamic, too.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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