We've heard a few snippets about Global Green Cars, a new electric and plug-in hybrid automaker down in Kentucky, earlier this year. Back in April, the company was giving out test rides in a converted Geo Metro right after announcing plans to build EVs in the Bluegrass State. The company has now put images of three new vehicles on its website that it plans to produce, should additional funding come through.

First up is the G-1 (pictured), which currently only exists in pictures (as far as we can tell) and will start at $18,000. Top speed is 100 mph and range is dependent on options. 100 miles is offered in the base model, 160 miles will cost $25,000 and 250 miles will run you $30,000. The other vehicles are not nearly as exciting. The G-2 is an SUV with a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 90 mph. Global Green Cars calls it "the most convertible Electric Vehicle ever built," but we can't quite figure out what that means. MSRP is $26,950. Lastly, the G-3 is a little plug-in hybrid pick-up truck-like vehicle with a range of 150 miles (depending on how you drive) and a top speed of 85 mph. The GGC tagline for this vehicle: "It is the most American-made small pickup in America."

These are ambitious specs for a company that hasn't been on the radar long. Green Car Advisor says that the company has already received $15 million from the state to build the vehicles and is asking for another $24 million from the feds. Thanks to Elwood for the tip!

[Source: Global Green Cars, Green Car Advisor]

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