We told you a few days ago that the city of Vancouver, British Columbia was considering mandating the installation of electrical vehicle charging ports in new parking garages. The city council has now voted unanimously to approve the plan. Going forward, any property developers building parking facilities for apartments or condominiums will have to install charging ports in at least 20 percent of the stalls. Charging ports will also be installed in city-owned parking lots.

This will certainly help address the needs of future electric car owners who don't live in a house with a garage. The 20 percent plan was double the original proposal's 10 percent installation rate. Developers will have 18 months before they have to start installing the charging stations, which cost $500-$2,000 each. The problem of charging still persists for those living in existing buildings. Those people may decide they're better off moving to a new place, and if the trend becomes big enough, it may prompt management companies to retrofit existing facilities.

[Source: CBC]

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