Hydrogen cars in Vancouver - click above for high-res gallery

Vancouver, British Columbia makes a big deal of promoting hydrogen-powered vehicles. But the city is not letting the potential of H2 get in the way of other gasoline alternatives. In fact, local blog The Hook is reporting that Vancouver is considering making electric vehicle charging outlets mandatory in any parking lots for newly-constructed multi-family buildings. The idea is to get the infrastructure ready now and to help make PHEVs and BEVs an easier choice, once they become more widely available.

Specifically, Vancouver would require that 10 percent of the stalls in the buildings would need to have a 240V charging port. City officials said the mandate would add 0.5 percent to the total cost of a building. A local EV advocate told The Hook that, while the move is admirable, a better goal would be to put plugs in all stalls. "If you're building a building to last 50 years, it's ridiculous to put in only enough plugs to last you five," John Stonier of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association said. Thanks to Alvin S. for the tip!

[Source: The Hook]

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