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We've shown you crash test footage that we thought was the worst we've ever seen, but anything seen here in the past has nothing on the crash of what appears to be a 1978 Holden Commodore VB. After the jump is video of said sedan hitting a cement barrier and collapsing like an accordion. The Commodore was reportedly crashed at 62 mph back in 1992 to to test the vehicle's drive system, and not the car itself.

For the record, most of America's crash tests are performed at closer to 35 mph, so if the 62 mph figure is correct, the speed of this test collision is far greater than what we're used to seeing. Regardless, the carnage of the accident is far to great not to see.

Just for fun, we have also added post-jump footage of a Volkswagen T3 combi hitting a cement barrier at an unknown and presumably high rate of speed. The crash was so severe that the chances of anything larger than a cockroach surviving is pretty much zero. Which impact is worse? You be the judge by watching them both after the jump.

[Source: YouTube via TTAC]

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