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With Renault reportedly bringing three new electric vehicles to the Frankfort Motor Show this fall and the company's regular announcements of EV partnerships, word of two new deals - one with Arval and the other with ALD Automotive - isn't exactly a surprise. Still, this shows, once again, the strong commitment that Renault and alliance partner Nissan have in EVs ready for prime time.

The deals will help Renault get its vehicles into fleets and customer hands. ALD manages about 786,000 vehicles in 39 countries, many in Europe. Arval, a BNP Paribas subsidiary, leases vehicles (about 602,000 vehicles) and manages corporate fleets (made up of 688,000 vehicles) in 22 countries. Arval will help Renault figure out ways to lease EVs while ALD will offer its knowledge on how to price the electric vehicles. Read more about the Arval (PDF) and ALD Automotive (PDF) deals at the links.

[Source: Renault via Green Car Congress]

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