It's on again, off again in the face-paced world of Formula One politics. First the biggest teams in F1 were slated to split off and form their own series. Then everything seemed reconciled, until Max Mosley got all torqued off again and threatened to scuttle the whole deal. It's anyone's guess at this point – we think the one series will be on track for next season – but in the meantime, the FIA issued the official list of entries for 2010.

Alongside the ten current teams (Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Williams, Force India and Brawn) returning for next season, the FIA chose three out of the dozen prospective teams that lodged applications to join the series. So if all goes according to plan, Campos Meta, Manor Grand Prix and Team US F1 will be joining the grid next season. Follow the jump to read more about 'em, the engine suppliers that will be providing their motivation and some of the big-name sponsors already being associated with the new teams.

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The impetus for all the new entries being lodged for next season was the proposed budget cap put forward by embattled FIA president, Max Mosley. Now that those drastic cuts have been taken off the table, many of the smaller outfits wouldn't be able to field the kinds of budgets required to operate a modern F1 team any more than they could in previous years. The three that remain are those that could afford the full budget without Mosley's cuts.

  • Team US F1 got on board long before Mosley began slashing budgets and scaring off the established teams. Venerated motorsports journalist Peter Windsor has reportedly begun scaling back his interviews around the paddock to refocus his efforts on leading the new team, which is projected to bring Cosworth back into the sport as its independent engine supplier. In an intriguing piece of speculation, YouTube has been linked to the team as a potential big sponsor after co-founder Chad Hurley was seen at Silverstone for last weekend's British Grand Prix.
  • Campos Grand Prix is a joint effort being fielded by Spanish outfits team Campos Racing and sports agency Meta Image. Campos won the teams championship in the second-tier GP2 series last year, and is expected to hit the F1 grid next season with a Dallara chassis and Cosworth engines. No confirmation so far on earlier reports linking Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to the team.
  • Manor Grand Prix, the third new entry on the grid, is another joint effort, bringing Formula 3 team Manor Motorsport together with former Simtek and Benetton director Nick Wirth. Like the American outfit and Campos, Manor is also expected to use the new low-cost engine package being offered by onetime F1 mainstay supplier Cosworth. With the rising value of sponsoring this year's presumptive champions, Richard Branson's Virgin group is tipped to jump from Brawn to the upstart Manor team in the hopes of getting more value.

With USF1, Campos and Manor joining the existing field, that leaves Lola, Prodrive/Aston Martin, N.Technology/MSC, March, Litespeed/Lotus, Epsilon Euskadi, iSport, Team Superfund, Formtech, and Ray Mallock all outside the action with any other teams that may have chosen not to publicize their entries pending the FIA's approval. The returning teams will all be expected to lend a hand getting their new competitors up to speed for next season, after which the FIA is expected to begin a staggered cost-cutting program to get budgets down to what they were in the 1990's.

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