It's been a little more than a year since we first started tracking the development of the wind-powered car by Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince. His latest video installment, part 9 of 6 (not a typo), is now available and in it, we catch up on all the latest news and are even assured that the completion of the vehicle is within sight. The former Lotus Exige is in the process of re-assembly and not only is the front end now complete, but the big battery box has also been bonded in. Right, so what's holding things up? Well, one of the project engineers is in the process of inventing the new technology necessary to make it all work once it's put together and they're discovering it's difficult to manage the rate at which such invention transpires. As Ian, the project manager states, "I can't go and beat him with a stick and say, 'You must have it done,' because it just won't work". Indeed, it probably wouldn't.

Fret not though, at the end of this episode, that includes a fascinating trip to Leeds University, Vince assures us that, "I'm confident we'll have the car running in a couple of months." We sure hope he does and we'll be here waiting to show it to you. Hit the jump for another installment of wind car inventing action.

[Source: Zerocarbonista]

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